hey guys! So I know most of you probably are really pissed because I haven’t been doing imagines! I’ve been super sick lately and didn’t even have the time! But I am back!

Ok so what I’m going to do, to sort of make things a little easier; is I’m going to turn this blog into a personal blog (that way I can still talk to you guys!), and put alllllll my imagines onto another blog, and upload maybe a few times a week!

OOOOORRRRR I could keep this blog as is and all you guys could possibly follow me on my new blog???? Which one!!!

Tysm for sticking by, I think it’s safe I say that heeeyharry is back!

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❝  Anonymous said: I hope you feel better now!! ♥

thanks so much! i was sick for such a long time !!!! 

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❝  itsqueenjaz said: Where have you been love 😔😪😓 ?

I’m here I’ve just been really sick I love you all

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❝  georgiastyles0102 said: Why aren't you making anymore imagines??

Hiiii omfg I want to I’ve just been so sick !!!!!

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❝  Anonymous said: What were 5sos like when you met them:)

OMG they were all so beautiful! Luke smelt sooo good hes sooo tall and really buff. Michael was soooo sweet. He pushed past people to give me a hug and then called me darling :’) Ashton was just laughing and smiling and Calum, omg hes so cute! his voice is even cuter in real life!!! 

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❝  Anonymous said: Would you please tell us a list of songs or people you listen to please? P.S your blog is amazing:]

Thanks! I have this new favourite song it’s called “our july in the rain” by he is we. I like the fray, the script and second hand serenade! I also looovee 5sos :) 

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Making some imagines! send me a gif!



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❝  yza-belle said: wait, I don't understand that picture about harry's tattoos..

someone said there was no tattoo in the photo- implying it was photoshopped/not them but it was 

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